Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~ Two projects going!

Well today, I have two projects going! So like me... God forbid I just tackle one at a time.  :-)

So the first, is to sort through about a dozen HUGE boxes that I bought from a store that recently closed.  Alot of it is Holiday florals... but there is so much stuff, I am not even sure what I all got!   I will post pictures of it later today.  My friend is coming to help... so this should be interesting.  Some will go out to my shop and some I will hold off and put in either my new shop or on Ebay/Etsy.  

Oh, that reminds me, I guess I have 3 projects going today after all!  I am going to open up an Etsy account/shop.  I hear so many great things about Etsy... so thought I would give it a shot! If you have any advice, please SHARE! I have sold on Ebay for YEARS, but thought I would try something new!

And my last project is making some adorable Prim Snowman Ornies! I will share my pictures and free pattern from Annie's Cupboards too, this afternoon.

Well, I will be back... wish me luck! :-)

Have a fabulous Wednesday Morning... see you soon!

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Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I love snowmen! I can't wait to see your ornies! You sound very busy....and that's a good thing when you're creating! :)