Sunday, October 2, 2011

Daughter's Homecoming

Last night, my dh and I hosted a dinner for our youngest daughter and some of her friends.  I have done this every year for the past 3 years... starting with her older sisters and now her! What a wonderful experience, and what a lovely group of teens!

These are part of the group of kids we hosted for dinner last night!

This is a photo of my two youngest daughter's.  Lam, the one in yellow is graduating in May from high school, and her sister Brennan graduated last May.    They have always been SO CLOSE!  They are best friends.  Brennan goes to school about 5 hours away now, but is transferring at semester to a school only 1/2 hour away!  So much better.  We are an extremely close family, and none of us operate well too far away from each other!  When the two girls were growing up, I always called them "The Littles" because where there was one, the other was close to follow.

It is amazing to me to see them growing up, into such lovely, responsible young women.  I am a fortunate and blessed woman!

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