Monday, October 17, 2011

Mason Jar Monday! Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Just the cutest little sewing kit ever! And so easy!  Great gift idea too!!

Items you will need:

mason jar w/ lid (you don't need the seal)
glue gun

Okay, first you need to trace the outside of the lid once on your cardboard and twice on your fabric.  Cut the circle out of the cardboard along the line.  Cut out one circle of the fabric along the lines and on the second circle leave about 3/4" outside the line and cut so the circle is larger than the traced one.

Now take your larger circle, and some of your fiberfill, you want it to be puffy enough to hold your pins and needles.  Place your cardboard circle over the fiberfill, and carefully with your glue gun glue longer edges tot he cardboard so that the front side is nice and puffy.

Now glue your smaller circle to the the cardboard to cover the edges and make it look a little more finished.

Lastly, fill your jar with thread, needles, thimbles, etc.

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Melly said...

Very good idea! Thank you!
From Romania - Melly