Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I wonder how many of you have trick or treating on the actual day of Halloween??  Here in my little neck of the woods in Wisconsin they always have it the last Sunday in October from 3-5 last Sunday it was! 

We live on what is considered the "main street" in our town... and it has all the big, beautiful Victorians, etc... mine is not a big Victorian...but it is my favorite house in the city!! It is a Lanon Stone "cape cod" which reminds me of home back in Massachusetts! Anyways... we get inundated with trick or treaters!  All the kids from the country come in and start on our street!

So, I bought 750 pieces of candy... and placed it in my  3 1/2 x 2 1/2 foot basket that I tradionally use each year! It's a lovely basket - I have always used it to put presents in for my children's birthdays and graduation parties...etc.  It's funny - some of the little toddlers in years past have actually climbed in and sat in the basket of candy!  Too cute!  But, anyways, here's my issue... we ran out of candy in just over a 1/2 an hour!!!  Giving out one piece each... we ran out!  Now, the thing is - it isn't just little kids trick or treating! I have TONS of parents with babies in strollers taking candy - (okay, that child will not be eating any candy mom and really???) - And, high school teenagers who are far too old to be trick or treating - taking handfuls of candy - and running off laughing - "haha I feel too old to be trick or treating"!  - because you are! I mean seriously, if you are old enough to go to Party City and buy an "adult" costume that frankly is innappropriate at best to be worn at anything other than a Halloween Party - not walking down the street, you are probably too old to be trick or treating.  Then, I have the adults/parents walking with their children with their OWN bags - reaching in and taking candy!!  REALLY??  SERIOUSLY?? 

What happened to the fun of kids trick or treating??  When did it become a hoarding fest??  I mean, okay, I paid about $60 for the candy... not alot of money in the big scheme of things... but... because of the greed of people who are too old, or too greedy, we had to close our door and shut our lights off and not hand out to the little ones.  My daughter offered to run to the store and buy more... but I said no because I just wanted no additional part to it!

Next year?? Hmm... am I really becoming the scrooge of Halloween??  Bah Humbug!

Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm Back....

Dear Friends, 

It seems like so long since I have been here.  I took a part time job a few months back... and that immediately became a streesful fulltime job!  After many worried, sleep free nights, my sweet husband and I decided that my place is at home.

So, that makes me officially back - crafting, cooking, getting inspired and most importantly - taking care of my family! Although my children are all essentially adults - my youngest is 18 and living in a dorm at college - they all still need me.  And, I need to nurture and create a peaceful home for them to come home to. 

My husband is still my favorite person in the world! He makes me so happy, and I only hope I make him feel the same way. 

As for my crafting - today I am making some cute prim stockings.  I will post pictures and directions tomorrow... until then have a wonderful day!