Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Makeover!

So I have had this old wooden shelf for years.  It definitely needs some prim fixin' done to it! So... Makeover Monday!

So I pulled out my Country Living Texture Paints.  Painted a coat of Chocolate.

I let that dry well.
And then added a coat of pumpkin!

Now, I will let that dry well, and get my sand paper and water based stain ready.

So, I just started sanding here and there, where ever I wanted that worn look. I tried to get the black to come through, but not too much of the white underneath.

Keep sanding...

And, finally done with sanding.  I wanted the inside of the shelf to look really worn, like for years someone had slid things in and out.

Next, I took out my water based walnut stain (or toner if you are using Country Living Coloma Colors paint).  And, using my sponge brush just covered the whole thing.  Then I took my rag and rubbed off most of the stain allowing it to stay thick in some spots.

You can see how I left some of the areas darker.

Then, after I let it dry well, I sprayed it lightly with a water based matte sealer.


Just add a few finishing touches... and hang.

How easy is that??

Now you can go to your local Thrift Stores, Good Will, etc and find all of those ugly, yucky wooden shelves just begging you to take them home and get going on your own Prim Make Overs!

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