Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday ~ Tip of the Day FOR me! And a Tip on Jack O Lanterns

Okay, my Thursday Tip of the Day FOR ME!!

Time for change!

I went to the doctor yesterday... boy they never have much of a sense of humor do they??  Well, they upped my Thyroid Medication... And the worst part is that even after I promised myself last year that I was going to LOSE weight, exercise daily, and finally get myself in better health... I gained 10 pounds! :-(

So, my blogging friends, this is it... I HAVE to do it this time!!  And, this time I have help!! My 22 year old son, who just graduated from college in May and got his first big boy job, and is living at home until he pays down some debt is joining me in this journey!  He and I would like to lose 100 pounds this year! 

I am making a promise to myself to start walking everyday... and gradually increase my exercise and maybe even join a gym.  And, I am going to start a serious diet... not the one I have been on.  You know the one... "I'll start tomorrow!... and then the next day, and then the next day.."

So Thursday are now going to be my Keeping Tracking Thursday.. where I will keep you up to date on my progress... and of course I will still post some Tip of the Day too! 

Tip of the Day ~ Easy Jack O Lantern Illumination

For years I disliked using candles inside our Jack o Lanterns.  They would get all black and burned inside, or only stay lit for a short time, etc.

So, a few years ago I decided to use Christmas lights.  So I just coiled up a strand of lights and placed inside the pumpkin.  The problem there is that the lights only illuminated at the bottom of the pumpkin and you couldn't really see the creation that my family worked so hard on.

So... we got smarter! 

Now, we cut the bottom off the pumpkin and carve from the bottom.  We print off or draw a design on paper, and then use an awl to poke out the design into the pumpkin; which makes it easier to cut out your design, since it is upside down.

Then I take a mason jar, and wind a set of 20-50 Christmas lights around the jar, taping here and there to hold in place.

Now when you plug into your extension cord, the cord is hidden out the bottom and looks great!

Blessings, Laura 


basketsnprims said...

Laura ~ I wish you & your son the best on your wt. loss journey. I've always heard being accountable (like your blog) helps alot. Love your pumpkin tip. You are such a clever gal.

~Tonya said...

Hello again, Laura. I wish you and your son much luck on your journey. It is so very difficult to lose weight and to keep it off. I have just recently lost 35 pounds and it isn't easy.

I think the best thing for losing weight is MIND SET! That is what worked for me. Me, I can cut down on my eating and make better choices to eat...but I don't have time to exercise at the moment. I know, I need to make time!

The tip about he jacks, BRILLIANT! We already carved them this year, but I will use your idea next year.