Monday, October 24, 2011

Mason Jar Monday! Jack O Lantern Candy Holder

I wanted to make a couple of little "Thank you" Gifts for a few sweet people that do so much for me and my family! 

This is what I came up with!

I found the cute Jack O Lantern head at the Dollar Store.  He is made of a paper pulp... I thought he needed a hat! So, out of muslin, I made a pretty simple, witch's hat.  I painted the hat black with craft paint, and then added a little grunge to it, and stuck it in the oven to dry.

While the hat dried, I took off the Mason Jar lid and my Mod Podge and cinnamon.  I painted on the Mod Podge and then sprinkled the cinnamon all over.  I repeated this process another 3 times or so to get it completely covered and allowed it to dry well.

After the hat was dry, I added a little homespun band to it, for a little more of a prim look.

Next, I took my Goop glue, added a big ole' dollup on the center of the lid and attached the Jack O lantern head.  Allowed that to dry, and then filled with candy corn and gave them out to my special people.

So, so cute! And, I think I will do something similar for Christmas.

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