Friday, November 4, 2011

Where have I been this week???

Gosh, what a week I have had!!

My sister in law and her boyfriend just moved from Connecticut to Wisconsin last Saturday...and have been living with us!!  

What a story too... She had a seizure when she was 4 leaving her to only develop to about a 13 year old level, but still able to live on her own as an adult.  She has lived in Florida for the past 5 years... but last February my mother in law became ill.  My other sister in law, had her move up to Connecticut to take care of my mother in law.  Which my SIL did until May, when she passed away.

Then, the other SIL, upon my MIL's death kicked her out because they were putting the house on the market.  With no where to go, she went to stay with her daughter...who is a wreck herself.  Well, two weeks ago, she and her boyfriend moved into a tent in a friend's backyard.  Homeless!  

Now the even sadder part is that she has 3 brothers who live less than 5 minutes away with 4 bedroom houses and no kids living with them!!!  And not one offered for her to come and stay!

So, we wired her $500 and got them on their way out here just before the Connecticut got hit with that snow storm!  

So, that is what I have been up to!

I think we are moving them into their apartment this weekend... so next week I will be back on track! 

Oh, and don't forget my giveaway is up!

I will be posting the winner soon!!

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