Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial ~ How I Grunge up a Candle

Hello... I thought today I would show you how I make my prim, grubby pillar candles.

I like to be able to actually burn my candles, but I know that if you don't have a "trick" it can be dangerous to do so with all the spices and primness.  So, what I do first is buy a bunch of pillar candles at the end of the holiday season.

Then, I burn it just long enough for it to have a "nice" well in the middle.

Next, I rub the candle with a towel and rubbing alcohol to remove the waxiness and to help the paint stick better. Allow to dry.

Then, I paint the candle with black acrylic paint, right up to the well, but not inside the well.

After the black paint is thoroughly dry... I paint a little burnt umber acrylic paint here and there for that nice aged look.   And, allow that to dry.

Next, I paint the candle with Mod Podge, and sprinkle well with whatever spices I am in the mood for.  Today, I just used cinnamon, but they come out great with ground cloves and nutmeg too... and sometimes I will also add a little coffee grounds to the mix.  Allow to dry and set well.

When all is dry, I then gently rub off any excess with my hands.

Decorate with a little grungy cheese cloth or homespun. And voila, a grubby candle you can actual use!

Wasn't that easy??

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Carol Stuck said...

Hi Laura: Thanks for the tut!! I think I want to try this. I love candles and would much rather use them than have them around just to look at. Great prim look!!

hugs and smiles,