Thursday, November 10, 2011

All About Me From A to Z

I have seen a few of these posts on blogs that I follow and thought I would do it too.  

A ~ age:   I'm 42

B ~ bed:   Queen Size Cherry Sleigh Bed (would love a Pencil Post Bed someday)

C ~ Chore I hate:   Dusting and Cleaning the Cat Box

D ~ Dogs:  I have 2, Farnsworth and Bella

E ~ Essential Start to my Day: COFFEE

F ~ Favorite Color: Green

G ~ Gold or Silver:   Gold, but I just got my first piece of Platinum jewelry and  it's now my favorite!

H ~ height:   5' 9"

I ~ instrument I play:  hmmm  spoons?? 

J ~ job title:  President of Ergonomy, LLC (our family engineering company.... really my husband does all the work, I just adminstrate :-) , owner of two Occasional shops - Primrose and Bittersweet & Ivy, but my favorite is.... wife & mother

K ~ kids:  4

L ~ live in which state:  Wisconsin

M ~ make of car: Volvo 

N ~ nicknames: Laura Lee Latimer; Larva

O ~ overnight hospital stay:  6 - Ruptured appendix, shoulder replacement and 4 childbirth

P ~ Pet Peeve:  when people get in front of me in the Quick Check Out line with a grocery cart full of groceries

Q ~ quote from a movie: I have 2 favorites...If you can't say something nice about someone, come sit by me from Steel Magnolias/ Teacher says every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings from It's a Wonderful Life

R ~ right or left handed:  right

S ~ siblings:  one little brother

T ~ TV Shows: Antiques Roadshow, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, American Pickers

U ~ underwear: yes, please

V ~ veggie I hate:  haven't found one yet

W ~ what makes me late: I try to do "one more thing"

X ~ xrays: lots of them

Y ~ yummy food: anything made with chicken

Z ~ zoo animals: I love giraffes, we just fed two at the zoo a few weeks ago

What scares me?  Snakes and mice and I hate scary movies!! I also don't like being a passenger in a car and them driving fast.  I absolutely am deathly afraid of roller coasters!

Well, that's me... 

Thanks for reading~


basketsnprims said...

Laura, how fun to learn a little more about you. Glad you played along.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

What a great idea Laura, loved learning about you! Just started following your blog, love your tutorial on grunging the candle, thanks for the tips! Deb

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Hi Laura - I read your post on my blog and am happy to have you as a new follower! I tried to reply to your comment but your settings say you are a 'no-reply' commenter, so I was unable to respond. Wishing you luck in the PAFA Giveaway!