Monday, November 14, 2011

Mason Jar Monday ~ Extra

Hmmm... found this out today from the gentleman that works at Ace Hardware, that used to be a tech ed teacher and is now retired....

If you take a mason jar or any jar really, (but I am just partial to mason jars!)
wrap the jar with yarn or twine going around it several times and then tieing the yarn/twine  tightly around the jar, then slipping the yarn/twine off and soaking it in nail polish remover for an hour... then slipping the circle back on the jar... then, lighting the yarn/twine on fire and allowing that to burn... then after it is burned almost away... plunging the whole jar into cold water... and then gently taking each end of the jar and turning each end in a different direction... you will slice your jar easily in half!!!

I am amazed at this.....

so, I am going to try this tonight when DH gets home lol, and then figure out all the fun uses for a half a mason jar! wide mouth funnel... votive holder... oh the ideas!

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Carol Stuck said...

Sounds crazy..... kinda like a school science project....let me know if it works. I am anxious to hear how many great uses you can think of for 1/2 of a mason jar. I am going to try this just to see if it will really work. Isn't nail polish remover QUITE flammable (?)