Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well first off, let me start by saying that my son is amazing!! Granted he has a goal with his weight loss! He is going to London for Easter to see his girlfriend and wants to be one svelte guy by then!  And, I have no doubt he will be!!

He is doing this program on the treadmill everyday... it's called couch potato to 5k and he is dedicated and I can already see a BIG difference in him! 

We are eating better too...well, that said, not better... because I was always a careful cook, and always make things from scratch, no processed prepackaged food for us.  However, I guess we are eating less...and adding in a lot more fresh salads and fruits.  

He hasn't weighed himself yet... but I can say for me that I have lost 4 pounds.  Not a lot, more like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic... but it's a start! Four pounds gone...never to be heard from again!  And, I have not been a good girl as far as getting on the darn treadmill. But, I will... I have to!!

Last night he said he wanted to try a sort of Atkins style... if any of you have had experience with this, please let me know.  I know it works to lose the weight...but what happens after that and you start eating regular foods??

Well, I am off to the shop for a few hours...setting up for next weekend when we are open! 

Will be back soon.

Happy Thursday~

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basketsnprims said...

Good morning, Laura ~
Kudos to you & your son for your goals & for your loss so far. I remember the Atkins diet from way back when, I know it was popular but sorry, can't tell you a thing about it. I just know when dieting to drink lots & lots of water. I love to walk but not on a treadmill, my dogs and I walk everyday. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, I'm in "scent" heaven.