Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Today, I am working on making a few of these adorable Ornament Wreaths!

These are going to my sweet daughter's boyfriend's house.  She asked if I could make a few for his front, back and laundry room doors.  And, since these are so simple... I said, why sure I can!

So, all you need is one of those large plastic tubes of shatterproof Christmas balls, a metal hanger, a glue gun and some ribbon.

First, you "should" take each hanger off the ornament and glue on with your glue gun.  I have made them before not glued them, and done okay, but inevitably...usually the following year, several ornament will come off...leaving a large whole.  So, it takes a little longer, but it pays off in the long run.

Next, straighten out your hanger the best you can... leaving the hook in tact.  Then, round it out into a round wreath.

Now, thread your ornaments on the wire... pushing them all the way to the hook.  Just keep threading, and when you put about your 50th ornament on...voila... you have a beautiful wreath!!

Now, if you would like,  take your ribbon, and add a bow to the top to cover.  Use the hook to hang.


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Linda said...

I love the wreath, it looks great.