Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrifty Thursday~ Kids can help save money!

Sometimes saving money means spending a lot more time.  And for a busy mom, that isn't always a good exchange!  But, if you think about it, the whole family helps SPEND the money.  Have your kids save money with you and you'll even save time. Saving money also teaches valuable lessons to kids.  Here are some tricks and tips that worked with my children when they were small.

1.  Rolling Change:  
    Let the kids roll your spare change.  For little ones the counting and sorting will help with math skills.  You could even offer a little "commission" to them for their savings.

2.  Cutting Coupons:
     Cutting coupons is highly tedious, but for children learning to use scissors, it's really good practice.  Let the children choose one item that you wouldn't normally purchase as a little kick-back for their hard work.  It's also a good time to teach good nutrition by talking about various food choices.  You can also have the children sort and organize your coupons and pulling out the expired ones.  (Don't throw the expired coupons away! Send them to your nearest Army, Navy, Marine base...expired coupons are extended 6 months for military families)

3.  Reusing & Recycling:
    Recycling is not just good for the environment it is also good for your wallet.  Reusing household items means spending less money on items.  Let the children get creative and you will be amazed at the new uses for old things you normally would toss.

4.  Hold a Garage Sale:
    Granted this is a lot of work.  But, kids are great helpers when it comes to pricing, sorting and setting up items.  Let them choose some of their things to sell and keep their money separate.  Let them help carry items to people's cars and perhaps they may make some tips.

5.  Making Cards & Gifts:
    Most children don't even look at a birthday card, never mind save them.  Why not have your children get creative and artsy and make their own! Use them for their friends, grandparents, etc.  Use poster paint and finger prints on white card stock and make adorable little pictures, then frame. What family member wouldn't love that!?

6. Utilize the Library:
    Instead of renting movies and video games, and buying new books, magazines, etc.  Go to the library.  It is a great habit to get children into when they are young!!  Plus you'll save a bundle!

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