Monday, September 12, 2011

Mason Jar Monday! Mason Jar Safe & Mason Jar Candy Dispenser

Two projects Today!! 

The first project is a Mason Jar Safe.  Perfect to stow away some cash, jewelry or anything you want to hide. And, no one would EVER guess what's in there! 


Pint size Mason Jar
Toilet Paper Tube
Beans or Oatmeal or Rosehips
Ground Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Cloves
Mod Podge
Little scrap of homespun or cheesecloth
prim label
Glue Gun

1.  Okay, first make sure your mason jar is clean and dry.

2.  Grunge up your lid by covering it with mod podge and sprinkling the spice mixture on top.  Allow to dry and then repeat this step until you get the desired coverage.

3.  Take glue gun and put a ring of glue on the very edge of one end of the toilet paper tube.  While still very hot, press glue end down inside the center of the jar.  Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes.

4.  Apply your cute label by painting mod podge on the front of the jar and place label on top.  Then paint the mod podge over the top of the label.  I also put a light coat of the mod podge on the rest of the jar to take down the shininess a little bit.

5.  Now, carefully place a crumbled tissue or paper towel inside the tube.  Pour your choice of beans, oatmeal, rosehips, etc around the tube.  Remove the towels.

6.  Tie with a little bit of homespun or cheese cloth.

7. Stow away your goodies, put the cover on and there you have it! 

Now who would think to look inside of there???

Next Project is an adorable Chicken Feeder Mason Jar Candy Dispenser!

All you need for this project is a Quart size Mason Jar and a galvanized Chicken Feeder.  I found this one at an auction, but I have seen them here at my local hardware/farm supply store.  I have also seen them on Ebay/Etsy!

Now you can choose to paint and grunge up your chicken feeder, but I decided I liked mine just the way it was.  

Fill up your Mason Jar with your favorite candy... I used Candy Corn since it is finally FALL! 

My favorite candy is Champagne Bubbles! 
What's your favorite candy? 

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