Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prim Wooden Candy Corn~

The cutest Candy Corn just in time for Fall Decorating!

Scrap 2x4 pieces of wood
Acrylic craft paint: Orange, White, Yellow 
Paint Brush or Foam Brust
Minwax dark walnut stain & rag

This is a very easy, fun project that you can finish up real quick!

First, take your wood scraps and freehand a simple triangle on them.  I made mine in three different sizes, but you can do them all the same if you would like.  Now, cut out the shape with a jigsaw.

Now, sand all the corners down and make them nice and rounded.

Next you will paint your yellow band on the bottom portion of your candy corn.  Let dry well.

Then follow with the orange band allowing to dry well before finishing up with the white top. 

Allow the candy corn to dry completely! 

Next, sand around the edges to give a nice worn look.

Finally, finish off with your minwax walnut stain.  Rub off with your rag to give a nice aged- prim look to your Candy Corn.

And there you have it!! Easy!

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