Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lots of things going on in my neck of the woods~

Yesterday... I went to market for my shop.  It was a great Primitive Cash and Carry in Madison WI.  So much fun, but REALLY crowded! In fact more crowded than I have ever seen it!!!   I waited in my first line to pay for 45 minutes!!! And, then proceeded to my next vendor, only to wait in line for another 30 minutes!  Most of the people were cheery and fun... but two ladies... and of course I KEPT running into them, were SO RUDE!!!  You know the type! Budging in line, and acting like they have no idea what they are doing??!! Ugh! I am very non-confrontational... I prefer to use humor to get my point across! But, not yesterday... I finally said to the one lady who was again trying to "slip" in front of me in line.  "Ya know... I have been dodging you all morning and I am frankly sick and tired of you butting in front of me! Wait in line like the rest of us!" And, with that about 4 people started clapping and saying... I am so glad someone finally said something to her!! :-)  She skulked off, and now that I think of it I never saw her again after that! 

Today I am CLEANING my home and getting my fall decorating DONE! With my shop open this past weekend, and me at market yesterday... well, lets just say the house definitely shows it!! My DH did keep up with dishes over the weekend, which was helpful... but everything else is just ugh!

However, I am also going to post my "Monday post" and also my "Tuesday post" today!! 

I am so excited about having over 1,000 visitors here! I was so happy to see that  this morning when I logged on! So, for that ... I am going to have a FUN give away!!!  I will post that first thing tomorrow morning! Make sure you sign up!!  :-) It will be worth your while, I promise!!

Well, I'll be back soon!! 


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