Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Working on Smelly Jelly and Laundry Sachets

I worked this morning on making smelly jelly jars for the shop. Fragrances include, Grandma's Spice Cake, Laundry on the Line, Pumpkin Bars, Mulled Cider, Lemon Verbena & Lavener, Pepperberry Wreath and Clear Sailing. Yumm! They came out well, I think. Hardest part is deciding on a color! Printed out my labels today and will have them all finished and ready for the shop tomorrow.

Also made a big batch of Lemonverbena & Lavender Laundry Sachets. If you have never tried a laundry sachet in your dryer before, you must! Ask me for the instructions; because they make your laundry smell so delicate and heavenly. Each one can be used at least 5 times, and could be refreshed if you have all the supplies on hand.

That's it for now.


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