Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday and Wreath Making Today!

We've been making lots of new wreaths for the shop! Above you can see our Bold Fall Bunch Wreath and one of our everyday lemon leaf wreaths. My allergies are so bad when I am working on these florals! I quite working with drieds a few years ago because of my allergies! I had told Mary that I didn't think drieds would be a good idea... but she talked me into it LOL! Now I have a box of kleenex and double up on my allergy meds just to get these wreaths done! Sneeze, Sneeze, Blow, Blow back to wreath wiring... and repeat. It's just awful. Hopefully people will appreciate the wreaths!! :-)

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. We have an auction to attend on Sunday and our daughter's Tennis match tomorrow! So busy weekend.


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