Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great Weekend and Happy Thought of the Day!

Happy thought of the day: Happy thoughts connect us with the light, confidence and courage to act... to the power to believe. To live our lives according to our hopes and dreams not somebody else´s.

What a productive weekend. My husband and I attended an auction yesterday. I got some fantastic buys. It's funny I really enjoy going to auctions now... I used to get so nervous! Partly because of money and partly because of calling attention to myself. Not anymore, I really don't seem to care about people & attention anymore, and thankfully, we are in a much better place in the money department.

Some of my favorite buys were: a 15 gal. Red Wing crock for $60; another Red Wind crock that has a crock... but still a fav for $20, Two matching wool oriental rugs that are HUGE room size!! for $50 & $65 (one is in the shop and the other in my dining room); a queen size oak four poster bed for my daughter; a cherry drop front secretary w/ all the little cubbies and sections in it for $10; (okay, it needs a little TLC...but!); a set of square wood canisters with lids that I will paint up and prim and stick a cute label on for the shop... I think they were a whole dollar; cane chairs; needlepoint chairs...etc... I got a truck full and two trailer loads for a whopping $449.00! Not too bad I think. I love it all and that's what makes it even better. There were a couple of things I let go, and I regret, but no regrets with what I was lucky enough to get my fingers on! My husband was so funny... he would take load of what he considered junk to the truck (so thankful he does that for I don't miss a thing) and come back and there I would have a couple more trinkets.

My daughter and her friend came and helped us load and unload the trailer. What a God send they were. We unloaded out at the shop all that was staying out there... and that was the first time they had seen the shop. They seem to like it; and had some cute ideas.

Today, my partner and I went to a cash and carry buying trip in Madison! CRAZY!! but we made off with some great items... at least what I can remember that we bought. People were everywhere just grabbing things up! Anyway, lots of fun and very productive!

I will try to get some pics on here of my finds!!

Happy Day,

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