Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday... Whatcha Working on??

Today I got up with my DH at 3:30 am to get him ready to leave on a business trip. Poor guy, he won't leave the night before because he doesn't sleep well in a hotel, so instead he will drive the 3 hours to Chicago in the early morning. Boy, do I appreciate what he does for our family! I am a lucky lady... I hope he knows that I realize what he does for us. You know how sometimes we just take things for granted... without taking the time out to thank our loved ones?! I need to make a better effort to show my appreciation to him... beginning today I will.

My friend and I are making progress on our shop! We are wiring beautiful fall leaf wreaths, everyday wreaths, potpourri that smells YUMM! We have made the most adorable and fragrant sachets, room fresheners, the sweetest little rosebud wreaths.... and the list goes on. I have even taken my hand at creating fabric witches hats, shoes and manekins. They are grunded to perfection, if I do say so myself. Our handbags are in~ even though I think we need to order a few more; our jewelry and scarves are in.... everyday something new is coming in! FUN!! Our opening is the weekend of October 10~ invitation only for the first weekend, just to get our feet wet. Then we have an outdoor show on October 24&25 and then we gear up for Dickens of a Christmas~ a victorian Christmas weekend in Ripon, WI. Fingers crossed, I think we should do well...

Ugh, some bad news is that my middle DD tweaked her ankle at volleyball. Yep the same one that was jipped on Varsity Volleyball! When I was taking her to the ER for xrays; I wispered to her, maybe now that you are injured you'll make varsity like the other girl who got the last spot and was injured and couldn't even play!! :-) She laughed~ I love that girl. One problem, she needs to let her family do more for her; but she is NOT the type to do that.... she doesn't want to ask for help with anything. She is a sweetheart!! Now if it were my older daughter (and it was her freshman year) snap, snap~ if I gave her a bell she would have used it! Funny how different children who are raised in the same environment turn out so differently! I love them all so much!!!

Well, that's all for this early Wednesday morning. I will post some pics of things I have been creating soon... as soon as I figure out how! :-)


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