Monday, December 10, 2012

Secret Santa Exchange...

 So I participated in a Secret Santa Christmas Exchange with my "Country Sampler Forum" Friends on Facebook!  And, my oh my, I received my goodies on Friday! This is the loot above!!

 This adorable old suitcase (looks like it probably was a ladies makeup case) was filled with so many surprises! I just couldn't contain my excitement with each discovery!
 This little rusty tin was even inside the suitcase, with yes, you guessed it...more surprises inside with the wax gingerbread man and acorn...and a very cool old bottle that reminds me of my grandpa who collected bottles way way back in the day!  Interestingly enough, the person I had for my Secret Santa collects "Purple Sun Glass"... I had an old ink bottle that was purple sun glass from my grandpa's collection.  I included that bottle in her gift... ironic that I received a bottle back in return! 
Even the box was "packed" with a variety of pinecones! I am going to dip them in scented wax and place them in a big basket in the family room!

Well, Christmas is definitely on its way!

Today, I am going to do some decorating! I will post pictures soon!  What is your favorite Christmas decoration in your home??

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