Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RACK'ed Day One

Okay, well I started my Random Acts of Christmas Kindness today!!  I figured then I can get the full 12 days in and enjoy Christmas Day with my family!

First thing I did was print off some cute little sheets decribing to recipients what I am doing and why! Here is what I came up with...

I think it aptly describes my mission!!

1.  My first stop was our local medical center.  I filled a basket with 55 silky, pretty scarves with one of my notes folded with a "To the Jill
Chatterson Chemotherapy Unit"  Which is just what it says - established upon this very brave and beautiful woman's end to a gallant fight against cancer!  She was a friend and mother and wife.  And, she is still missed! 

I hope that these bring comfort and maybe a little joy to someone's day... during a very difficult time!

2. Next.. I stopped at the Save A Lot grocery Store to buy some candy canes to include with my little "gifts".  (I wasn't able to get a picture because there were some people that were checking out at the register, so I needed to be speedy!)  So I took some little snack size bags and placed my notes, a candy cane and a few quarters in each.  Then I taped them to those cute little "toy dispensers" that little kids love to stop at ...but sometimes mom is just too busy too wiped out or without quarters.  Hopefully some little one gets to have a little fun and a little prize.

3.  My next stop was at the local photo shop at Walgreens!  I needed to pick up my Christmas cards, and after the clerk got mine I asked her to do me a favor.  I asked her to choose one of the boxes of cards and that I would like to pay for the Christmas Cards.  She was speechless.. and I got a little nervous because this is not my purpose...I don't want recognition.... just to make someone's day and hope that they decide to do something for someone else in return.  Anyway she found one for a woman who just had heart surgery, and she knew she would be thrilled not to mention pay it forward.  Goal accomplished there!  (Ps. Again, no photo... no time and too many nerves!)

4.  Next I purchased several $10 gift cards to the local grocery store, and then went into a stall in the ladies room.  I then taped one of my notes with the gift card taped to it on the back of the door.  I hope someone buys a little something special for their family with it... or that it just helps out a little bit.  I know it isn't much... but hey every little bit helps!
I still have a few of the gift cards left, so I will use those in the future.

5.  Next stop the gas station.  I stopped first at the vacuum cleaner and taped a baggy with a note and 75 cents in quarters for someone to find.

6. Then I stopped at one of the pumps and taped a baggy with a note and $5 in it.

7.  Next I ran to the laundromat/cleaners to pick up my coat.  As I was leaving, I taped another baggy, note and $2 in quarters to two machines to cover a couple of loads of laundry for someone. (no picture, because there were people around... but they didn't see me!)

8.  Then, as I was leaving, I noticed the clerk's car parked outside.  This woman is amazing...and she gives and gives!  So I popped a note and a scratch off lottery ticket to the windshield wiper!

So maybe that wasn't as random as having a stranger find it, but she is so deserving!

9.  Then as I was driving home, I saw a car parked outside on the street of our local factory.  So, I decided to put another lottery ticket on their windshield.  Maybe after a hard day's work this will make their day.

10.  Last but not least... I decided to give our mail carrier a little surprise.  The weather today is good...but we got snow the other day and he delivered in it!  I wrapped a Dove bar in one of the notes and then attached a candy cane and put it on our mail box! I hope he enjoyed his treat and knows how thankful we are for his dedicated hard work!

Okay so today...I feel blessed.  I feel like I accomplished alot, and realize that the next coming days are not going to be about money...I figure at least everyother day - or maybe encorporate a little everyday - I will do alot RACKs that don't require any money or very limited money.  Bake cookies and take them to the assited living center, take some cards to elderly neighbors who I know don't get out and visit with them for awhile.... oh the ideas running through my head! This means so much to me!



Angela said...

Oh Laura, you post touched my heart so much. Another RACK you had no idea about. Thank you for letting us know there are still so many kind and caring folks out there especially in blog land, I am sure so many people will benefit from your thoughtfulness. A smike to our faces. And a big thank you. Have a blessed evening,

jennifer768 said...

Laura what a wonderful post!It is just so amazing how you are touching total strangers.The world is blessed to have you in it.Thank you for showing kindness to all.Hugs,Jen

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

What a wonderful and touching post!
Thank You for what you have done!