Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Settling in after a LONG but WONDERFUL vacation!

The above picture is the view right out our back door of the cottage we rent every summer in Westport, MA.  Westport is where I grew up... litterally walking distance to the Atlantic Ocean and its sandy, beautiful beaches.  We lived their as a family until my youngest child was 3 and then we moved to Wisconsin... where we have resided for the last 13 years.  I must say, Wisconsin has been a much better place to raise our children.  Small town, midwestern values... its the mainstay of the environment here.  It has made us a much closer family and I see such honesty and trustworthyness in my kids.  It makes me proud to see them growing into the adults that they are... what more can a mom ask for?? 

Well, I suppose it only balances because we are fortunate to be able to take a two week vacation every summer to Westport, rent the same amazing waterfront cottage, and be able to visit with all of our family and friends back there! This year, we made many trips to Logan Airport in Boston, as our youngest daughter and her boyfriend flew in on the Tuesday after we arrived, then our middle daughter's boyfriend - who drove out to MA with us (20 hours, people..he's a keeper!) - flew back to WI on the Thursday after we arrived.  Then, our eldest daughter flew in on the Friday... her boyfriend and our Son flew in on Saturday... our son flew out on Monday morning...and daughter and boyfriend flew out on Tuesday.  You get the drift, I am sure! LOL It was special to have everyone there! 

Okay, so now I am home... and going to finish unpacking, laundry...all that moms do after an extended vacation. :-) 

But... also... I am going to....

Time to get on with primming up the place!  Over the years I have found lots of great ideas, patterns, etc for Prim Decorating, etc.  What I have decided to do is finally start creating these items for my home, and take pictures/tutorials for you all! It's a win win for both, I think!

So I figure there are 5 days a week that I can blog.
Mondays will be : Mason Jar Monday,
Tuesday : Tuesday Tutorials
Wednesdays: Wooden It be Nice- various wooden projects and also Whatcha Working on Wednesday...where I will post projects I am working on - you know the ones that seem to be endless and never finished, but you can't just leave them alone! and I would love for you all to post projects you are working on so we can share our works. -
Thursday: Thrify Thursday
Friday: Fridays Feast

I am going to spend the rest of this week getting ready... and getting my supplies together, etc. So, please check back with me on Monday, August 1, 2011 for our very first Mason Jar Monday project. I can't wait!

See you on Monday.


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