Saturday, July 30, 2011

Buying another job...

So my husband and I have been toying with the idea of buying a business for over a year.  It was a stainless manufacturing company just 15 minutes from our home.  It was going to be perfect for my husband and son to run.  Our son just graduated from college, and as most recent graduates is having trouble finding a good job.

So, after spending ALOT of time on this, and ALOT of money on this (lawyers, mostly) one of the two owners decided not to sell.  Frustrating... especially considering we asked him point blank "do you even want to sell this"???

So, I have been looking at other businesses for sale.  My dream has always been to run a bed and breakfast or a restaurant.  Well, last night we ate at a local supper club that we hadn't been to in a LONG time.  The road to it has been under construction for months, and frankly, we just didn't bother.  Well, I had seen on one the sites I use to research businesses for sale, that the restaurant was for sale.  Thinking... ugh, the economy... the locals... etc, was the reason, we decided to venture out and see what was up.  Well, immediately upon driving up, we thought "hmmm will we even find a parking spot?" the place was BUSY!!!  We went in, and saw the owners... the husband behind the bar as usual... and the wife at the hostess station.  The only difference is that she has no hair and is battling cancer and apparently it isn't going well for her.  I never expected that to be the reason for the sale.  However, the place was hopping!!  We had to wait 1/3 hour to be seated... which is GREAT, in my opinion.  We had a great meal, and as we were leaving and paying, I mentioned to her that we would like to sit down and chat about maybe buying the restaurant.  Her eyes welled up... and said, she was going for treatment on M & T but she would call us Wednesday for sure! She said "I am getting worse and we need to sell".

So, I think we are buying a restaurant.  Hope my son is up for it! :-)

Keep you posted ... keep your fingers crossed for us.

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