Sunday, July 31, 2011

Organizing and Storing Spices...

I just received my order for spices and herbs from The Spice House yesterday!!  Over 40 new items to add to my collection... I can't wait to get cooing!

But, my challenge now is storage.  Anyone have ideas on how they store their spices?

I thought about storing them in a spice drawer.... like the one below.

But as it is I am tight on drawer space.

I currently have them stored ~gasp~ above my stove.  That has to change, I realize, and that is why I am working diligently to fix that.  There is a cabinet next to the stove that I currently have overflow spices and medicines in. My Gosh, what a mess that is, and how time consuming each time I am searching for that "one particular Spice! :-)

One other option is to move over one cabinet yet again, and take out all of the measuring cups, plastic storage containers, etc. And, fill that one up with the spices.  It is half the size of the other cabinet, but may work...  I also thought of my broom pantry.  My husband installed shelving in there for me a few years ago... currently I use it for everything... but mainly "my diet foods", overflow ethnic foods that I buy in bulk a few times a year etc.  This would be an ideal location for the fact that it is dry and dark... but it is clear across the kitchen...and lacks convenience!

Hmmm what to do??  I am going back in to ponder this.... and to take some pictures so you can see just what I am dealing with! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Try collecting jam jars with screw top lids, you then screw the lids to the underside of the shelf. this way you have airtight storage under and above a shelf :)