Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whatcha Working on Wednesday... Getting Ready for Valentines Day Already!

What a wonderful Christmas I had with family and friends.  I cherish every moment we had together.  I even was able to get 3 out my 4 children to church with my husband and I Christmas morning... which at their ages 22,21,19,17 is tricky at best sometimes! ;-)  My oldest daughter would have been there too...but she spent Christmas Eve with her fiance and his mother.  They drove up to our house Christmas Day in the morning to celebrate with us! 

As my children get older, and create lives with a significant other, I realize now, how hard it will be to wiggle out room without putting stress on them to be here. That is why I made a promise to my husband that I will never make them feel bad for having to be at their in-laws, etc... and I will be thankful for the time we do have!  This was my first Christmas dealing with that... and  see that there will be many more in the future.

Whatcha Working on Wednesday... 

valentine craft

I am working on  my family's Valentines!

I am starting early this year because these are going to take some time!  But I will get them done!  I am making one for each of my children and for my husband!

52 Reasons I Love You!

I found some beautiful Valentines Day Scrap booking papers at Hobby Lobby yesterday... and I am going decorate each card and then place on each card my reason that I love them, or that they make me smile.  I also found the binders at HL... I just have to make sure that I carefully put the holes in the same place on each card so that they lie properly.

Well, that's what I am up to!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Hugs, Laura 

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Lisa Disinger said...

Hi Laura. Thanks for letting me join your wonderful blog. I love the idea for the cards for Valentines Day. To get all the holes in the right place you can take a Dremel tool with a small bit and drill through all the cards at once. Bind them all tight with a rubber band first so none of them move. Lisa