Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial ... Paperback Christmas Trees

Today we are going to make these adorable Paperback Christmas Trees!
I think they look sweet with my snowbaby collection... and I love the look of the black and white pages.  You can even add glitter to them or spray paint them if you like.  These ones I left as is...

Items you will need:

paperback book
glue gun
exacto knife
cutting board
optional: glitter, spray paint, etc

1. Okay, first find an old paperback book.

2. Remove the cover, so that it looks like this.

3.  Count out 30 pages, and carefully cut them away from the binding with the exacto knife.  Please be careful here... I found it easiest to almost saw into them to remove them.

4.  Now keeping the binding edge facing the left side, take the right had top of your page and fold over so that it reaches the middle seam.  Flatten the folded edge so it is crisp and sharp.  It should make a small triangle.

5.  Now take the edge of your triangle and fold again against the seam.  Sort of like making a paper airplane. :-)
Again, crisp out your folded edges.

Now... you have a choice you can fold up your "over hang" or cut it off even with the bottom of the page.  I decided I like the look of cutting if off, which I do at the very end after all the folding has been done.

6.  Continue in the same manner until all of the 30 pages are folded.  Now, if you decided to wait and cut off the overhang... take your cutting board, and exacto knife.  Lay the pages on the board and cut off the overhang.

 7.  Next, count out 30 more pages, and cut them away from the book.  This time hold the pages with the binding on the right side.  And begin folding in the same way you did before.

8.  Complete the folding and cutting off the overhang.

9.  Now you have two halves to your tree.

10.  Now, open up one your tree halves some what so that you have a flat edge to glue.  Put hot glue on one half and carefully lay the other half on top, lining up the sides as you go.

11. Now stand your tree up, and admire! 

12.  Now decide if you like just as is, or if you would like to decorate it.

Here is one glittered.

And one that is painted and glittered.

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