Friday, August 21, 2009

Plans for my blog

Okay, well I have been trying to organize myself and figure out exactly what I want my blog to be. So, I have decided that starting on Monday I will begin posting my creations as well as all of my prim items and decorating ideas. Hmmm.... so
Monday will be Monday Morning Makeovers" that I have done;
Tuesdays will be "Tips and Tricks"; crafting, homemaking, organizing, etc!
Wednesdays will be the ever popular "Whatcha working on Wednesday",
Thursdays will be "Thrifty Thursdays" where I will show various ideas for living a thrify life as well as fabulous thrift purchases, etc
Fridays will be my Friday Family Menu Planning... which I do every Friday anyway. I actually plan a monthly Menu plan, but Fridays I plan my weekly groceries, Farmers Market Trips, etc. I will post weekly menus with recipes~ another favorite of mine!

And, God willing, Saturdays and Sundays... if gotten to will be a hodge podge of everything. I hope you enjoy my plan. I am finally looking so forward to this! Now, I have to figure out my blog design. :-)

Prim Blessings,

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