Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye January...

Well, goodbye to January 2011. And of course, today we should be welcoming Blizzard Connor in Wisconsin. We are to have 4 inches of snow today and then tomorrow it really cooks up and should get about 10-15 inches MORE!

What a January it has been. My husband and I own a small engineering company, and we have one serious DEAD BEAT customer to the tune of over $300 thousand... so, my husband has decided to take a "job" in Massachusetts. So he will go out there and stay with my parents, and I will stay here and get the house ready to sell... and the kids through school. Perhaps this summer, I will have a new home to decorate. But...that said, I LOVE my home now! And don't want to move! I sound like a spoiled child. But, I do love this place and it is me!

I posted pictures earlier of my Christmas decor... and most of it is down now. A little more to go.

Happy February! Have to get busy posting my Valentines Day Prim Decor...


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