Sunday, November 22, 2009

We had a Wonderful Weekend~

The shop was open this weekend and we had a GREAT turn out!! We had many new visitors stop in to check us out and some repeats from October's Weekend! I tell you, the premise of an "occasional store"... or opening once a month is the way to go! It gets people curious, and excited about what is to come!

Our feature this month was Pashmina Scarves and Pearl Jewelry! Wow, what a hit! We sold about 24 of the 37 scarves and only have about 10 pieces of the Pearls left! Our Christmas merchandise was very popular too!!

What a fun time we had... Mary is a dear friend, and I am honestly pleased to say that we formed this partnership and have worked out all of the wrinkles that were so daunting at first! Couldn't have chosen a better partner outside of my husband of course! :-)

I will post pictures tomorrow of the shop. I am formatting a facebook page too for the shop... so will be a busy girl tomorrow!

Many Blessings,

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